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The Florida inspired assortment of over 80 Custom Blends including: White, Green, Black Tea, Rooibos, Herbal Infusions, and Fruit Tisanes.

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You can also visit us in our Winter Garden shop located inside the Plant Street Market.

Our tea shop offers a variety of premium loose leaf tea, tea ware, Winter Garden merchandise, and Winter Park honey.

Our Custom Blends

Note about our blends:

Herbal tea blends have long been used as a holistic alternative or at-home remedy. As always, you should do your research and see what works for you. Our blends have been beneficial to us, which is why we offer them to you! We believe a good cup of tea, either way, is good for what ails you!

*Custom creations can be made by combining two or more teas, tisanes, herbs, roots, or blends