What is A Health Coach


A Health and Wellness Coach Partners with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance their well-being.

Health Coach Snap Shot
• Works to steer clients towards their basic health goals: ie weight loss and eating healthy, etc.
• Motivates clients to look at the whole lifestyle picture
• Approximately 9 months of training, studies surface areas of almost 100 different diets and covers holistic lifestyle approaches, but no in-depth nutrition studies
• Cannot medicate, test, or prescribe supplements
• Cannot prescribe specific dietary recommendations or meal plans
• Not covered by medical insurance

Food is Life,
Food is Love,
Food is Fun
Food Changes Everything.
Let me help you make the right changes in your life with food.

Why Work With Me?

Healthy eating is an ongoing process, you might stray a bit and that is ok, my approach is not to deal in shame or judgement, but to support and guide you in the best direction for you.
There is no one size fits all approach, my approach is to work with your bio individuality and guide you through the right wellness path for you.
Information is useless without taking action or having inspiration.
Working together we will get you to the best you, you can be.
As a Health Coach I can help you with this transformation in your life.

Choose a Health Coach when you are wanting guidance or motivation to get healthy.

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