About Us

Our Winter Garden Shop  opened in 2015.

Our goal is to provide superior loose leaf tea to our customers.

We love TEA and our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Our Story – Why A Tea Shop?

If you live in  Florida, you’re likely no stranger to iced tea. You can order it practically anywhere – at the Supermarket  deli counter, at your favorite local dive, even in upscale restaurants. Syrupy sweet or straight up, it’s the unofficial elixir of the south. And it’s seriously lacking.

When it comes to your tea options in Florida, Marc Baudendistel saw a gap. Well, more of a gaping hole. “Everyone here knows iced tea out of the bottle, or from those plastic gallon jugs from the supermarket that are loaded with chemicals, food coloring and who knows what else. There’s so much more out there.”

Marc grew up drinking tea as a staple in his house. “Ever since I was little, we never had soda. At night, we would always just boil a pot of tea for the family.” A nice little ritual, you can agree, and one that he carried with him for the rest of his life. Marc spent his lunch breaks in tea shops, trying a different blend every day. He’d read books about tea on his daily subway commute to his past-life corporate job.

A few years later, when he made his home in the sunshine state, Marc then started getting serious about his love affair with the leaves. He finally found a home for his own tea shop, AntiquiTEAs, now nestled cozily at the very front of the Plant Street Market in Winter Garden. Laden with a variety of exotic blends made without GMOs, fake flavorings or anything unnecessary, AntiquiTEAs mixes the best of Marc’s expertise with a quaint old-fashioned vibes. Antique teacups-turned-plant-holders dot the wood-paneled shelves, and zesty aromas fill the air around them. The teas themselves are inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients: “Right now, we have a citrus blend in honor of Winter Garden’s groves back in the day.”

Whether you want to warm up with a colorful mug of rooibos or cool off in the summer months with something a little more refreshing, skip the boxed stuff and go straight for AntiquiTEAs. It’s time to update that southern sweet-tea tradition.